AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-09changing upstream URLbrent s
2019-05-12switching to openssl 1.1brent s
2019-04-14mergedbrent s
2019-04-141.8.5brent s
2019-04-14fixed for gcc 8brent s
2017-07-23updating build to remove fixesbrent s
2017-06-23fixing build issuesbrent s
2016-10-20fixing some configure switches and the scriptsbrent s
2016-10-19updating package so the scripts installbrent s
2016-06-25adding information for bug tracker, news, etc.brent s
2016-06-24adding freetype2brent s
2016-06-23adding freeswitch dev thanksbrent s
2016-06-22whoops! let's clean up this configure optionbrent s
2016-06-22yay! and the version updates now too!brent s
2016-06-22...brent s
2016-06-22cleaning up PKGBUILD processbrent s
2016-06-22missing mpg123, lame, and libsndfile support, oopsbrent s
2016-04-10sysfu suggestionsbrent s
2016-04-09adding yasm depbrent s
2016-04-07updating gitignoresbrent s
2016-04-06GPG support donebrent s
2016-04-06adding gitignore, updating to sha512sumsbrent s
2016-04-05fixing some stuffbrent s
2015-09-27removing python references..brent s
2015-09-26fixing python symlinkbrent s
2015-09-26adding libyuvbrent s
2015-09-22whoops again. hehbrent s
2015-09-22fixing some pkgbuild issues...brent s
2015-09-08libedit/ldns needed for buildbrent s
2015-07-13fixing post install messagebrent s
2015-06-08initial commitbrent s