AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-10-24Update maintainer in PKGBUILD commentDavid Birks
2017-10-24Fix incorrect hashDavid Birks
2017-07-18updated version to 1.2.1Aner Andros
2017-04-01fixed deps. better pkgbuildAner Andros
2017-04-01updated versionAner Andros
2017-03-25updated to version 1\.0\.0Aner Andros
2017-02-12removed desktop file and icons. AppImage apps now register correctly with app...Aner Andros
2017-02-03version 0.13.0 released todayAner Andros
2017-01-02updated the name in desktop fileAner Andros
2017-01-02first version. tested locally and workingAner Andros