AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-10-09Update to v.0.19.1. Removed npm dependency.picokan
2023-08-21Update to v.0.19.0.picokan
2022-11-02Fixed wrong path in .sh file.picokan
2022-11-02Update to version 0.18.0.picokan
2022-08-12Update to v0.17.1.picokan
2022-08-03Update to version 0.17.0.picokan
2022-02-07Update to v0.16.0.picokan
2021-11-13Updated to 0.15.1. Changed electron version from 13 to 15.picokan
2021-10-20Updated to 0.15.0, removed shebang from .desktop and removed unnecessary lice...picokan
2021-09-07Changed dependency to electron13 as newer versions introduced many bugs.picokan
2021-09-04Updated to version 0.14.0.picokan
2021-06-27Updated to version 0.13.2.Hiers
2021-05-30Updated to version 0.13.1.Hiers
2021-05-18Updated to version 0.13.0.Hiers
2021-05-01Fixed typo in PKGBUILD.Hiers
2021-05-01Use new icon.Hiers
2021-05-01Changed nodejs dependency to lts version.Hiers
2021-03-30Put back electron dependence that was accidentally removed.Hiers
2021-03-13Fixed way system electron was used, again. Added %U to .desktop file I should...Hiers
2021-03-07Updated to version 0.12.0.Hiers
2021-02-15Added mimetype info to .desktop file.Hiers
2021-02-15Update to version 0.11.3.Hiers
2021-01-22Update to version 0.11.2.Hiers
2021-01-16Update to version 0.11.1.Hiers
2020-12-26Further changes related to using system electron. Will not be using /opt from...Hiers
2020-12-24Fixed mistake on .SRCINFO file.Hiers
2020-12-24Added electron as a system dependency. It won't be necessary to redownload it...Hiers
2020-12-18Updated to version 0.10.0.Hiers
2020-12-08Updated to version 0.9.3.Hiers
2020-10-31Updated to version 0.9.2.Hiers
2020-10-22Fixed typo in package version.Hiers
2020-10-22Fixed needed dependencies.Hiers
2020-10-22Updated to version 0.9.1-beta.Hiers
2020-10-09Updated package to version 0.9.0-beta.Hiers
2020-10-04Changed permissions for chrome-sandbox after seeing this issue. https://githu...Hiers
2020-10-03Remove git from make dependencies.Hiers
2020-10-02Brought package back for new update.Hiers
2019-04-10Upgrade to version 0.5.2Plague Doctor
2019-03-22Upgrade to version 0.5.1Plague Doctor
2019-03-05Upgrade to version 0.5.0Plague Doctor
2018-11-14Upgrade to version 0.4.1Plague Doctor
2018-10-31[FIX] Wrong url on remote.Plague Doctor
2018-10-21upgrade to version 0.4.0Plague Doctor
2018-09-11Remove glibc dependency.Plague Doctor
2018-08-16Remove the problematic partPlague Doctor
2018-08-13Workaround to incompatible glibc problem.Plague Doctor
2018-08-07Upgrade to version 0.3.2 betaPlague Doctor
2018-08-07Add zip to gitignorePlague Doctor
2018-08-07Add zip to gitignorePlague Doctor
2018-07-17FreeTube. First commit. This is a beta release. There might be a dragon.Plague Doctor