AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-12-14Removed diff file.picokan
2023-12-14Updated patch so it does not conflict with recent commits. Changed from diff ...picokan
2023-11-03Update to use latest electron version in arch repos (currently electron25, Fr...picokan
2023-10-09Removed dependency on npm and unnecessary explicit dependency on nodejs.picokan
2023-03-01Do the commit tagging ourselves since upstream does it inconsitently.picokan
2023-01-16Update electron to version 22.picokan
2022-11-21Updated .diff file.picokan
2022-10-29Fix for desktop icon not showing up properly.picokan
2022-10-01Fix .diff file according to newest changes.picokan
2022-09-06Updated electron to version 20.picokan
2022-06-18Fixed diff package and shell script to also use electron16.picokan
2022-06-18Changed electron to version 16.picokan
2021-11-13Changed electron version from 13 to 15.picokan
2021-09-21Changed build to use yarn for dependency installation
2021-09-07Changed dependency to electron13 as newer versions introduced many bugs.picokan
2021-09-04Changed make dependency from nodejs-lts-fermium back to nodejs.picokan
2021-07-04Fixed .diff file for current build.js.picokan
2021-05-01Fixed icon filename.Hiers
2021-05-01Changed nodejs dependency to lts version. Changed icon to a new one.Hiers
2021-03-13Forgot to add %U to exec in .desktop file.Hiers
2021-03-13Updated diff file and added fixes from non-git package.Hiers
2021-02-15Added mimetype info to .desktop file.Hiers
2021-01-26Finally added some recommended changes I forgot to add before.Hiers
2020-12-26Further changes related to using system electron. Will not be using /opt from...Hiers
2020-12-24Fixed mistake with package version.picokan
2020-12-24Added electron as a system dependency. It won't be necessary to redownload it...picokan
2020-10-06Updated .diff file to avoid an error during building.picokan
2020-10-04Changed permissions for chrome-sandbox after seeing this issue. https://githu...picokan
2020-10-02Fixed desktop file not working as intended.picokan
2020-10-01Fixed name in .desktop file.picokan
2020-10-01Fixed description.picokan
2020-10-01Initial commit.picokan