AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-21Update .SRCINFOJuergen Werner
2020-12-21Update and add suggestionsJuergen Werner
2019-07-18Update .SRCINFOJuergen Werner
2019-07-18(Re-)set proper ownership for /etc/frrJuergen Werner
2019-07-13Remove patch files from pre-fork frr packageJuergen Werner
2019-07-13Removed accidental `-j` from `make`Juergen Werner
2019-07-13Fork of package frr-7.0.1Juergen Werner
2019-05-17Bump to 7.0.1Konstantin Shalygin
2019-05-10New patch and improvments for: Shalygin
2019-05-06Added libunwind dependency.Konstantin Shalygin
2019-04-29Revert 'per daemon service' systemd patch & added @eugeneai patches.Konstantin Shalygin
2019-03-14Bump to 7.0Konstantin Shalygin
2019-02-22Fixed issue with daemons.conf file.Konstantin Shalygin
2019-01-09Bump to 6.0.2Konstantin Shalygin
2018-12-31Bump to 6.0.1Konstantin Shalygin
2018-10-25Added staticd,bfdd daemon services to package.Konstantin Shalygin
2018-10-25Bump to 6.0Konstantin Shalygin
2018-08-19Enable tests.Konstantin Shalygin
2018-07-05Bump to 5.0.1Шалыгин Константин Николаевич
2018-06-12Bump to 5.0Konstantin Shalygin
2018-04-26Added 'babeld' to conflicts.Konstantin Shalygin
2018-03-13Set rtrlib to deps, enable linux realms.Konstantin Shalygin
2018-03-13Bump to frr 4.0Konstantin Shalygin
2018-01-13frr 3.0.3.Konstantin Shalygin
2017-11-25Updated makedeps.Konstantin Shalygin
2017-11-19Fixed frr group chown.Konstantin Shalygin
2017-11-13Bump to 3.0.2Konstantin Shalygin
2017-10-17Fixed source of frr, added nhrpd.service, add /etc/frrKonstantin Shalygin
2017-10-17frr 3.0Konstantin Shalygin
2017-04-03Upstream tagball for stable versions.Konstantin Shalygin
2017-03-31Rename FreeRangeRouting -> FRRouting.Konstantin Shalygin
2017-02-18Add SNMP mibs.Konstantin Shalygin
2017-02-06Now frr user add into created frrvty group.Konstantin Shalygin
2017-02-04Initial commitKonstantin Shalygin