AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-02-02Add the right depsNick
2018-01-23Update package and descriptionNick
2018-01-21No clue what was going on with the commit tags. Did a clean makepkg and gener...Nick
2018-01-21Add tests and verify pkgver() operation..Nick
2018-01-21Using pkgver() to auto-update now, so this won't look out of date.Nick
2018-01-21add new .SRCINFONick
2018-01-21Update version num to latestNick
2016-06-20bump version to 0.8.0Kevin Hanselman
2016-05-31dump version: 7.0Kevin Hanselman
2016-05-12Forgot the .SRCINFO file. Still learning how to AUR.Kevin Hanselman
2016-05-12Bogus dependency. Whoops.Kevin Hanselman
2016-05-12Initial commit. Hello, AUR!Kevin Hanselman