AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-17Update mutter dependency, add libgexiv2Que Quotion
2020-10-12Reduce and update {,make}depends() (rely on dependency chains, libmutter6)Que Quotion
2020-03-16Lower granite dependency to [community] version to build more easilyQue Quotion
2019-11-04gala-git: switch back to the master branchMaxime Gauduin
2019-10-25updatesMaxime Gauduin
2019-08-17no more need to unset b_pieMaxime Gauduin
2019-07-18updatesMaxime Gauduin
2019-06-25updatesMaxime Gauduin
2019-06-05updatesMaxime Gauduin
2019-05-17updatesMaxime Gauduin
2019-03-04updatesMaxime Gauduin
2019-02-19updatesMaxime Gauduin
2019-02-01style updateMaxime Gauduin
2019-02-01fix retroarch-gitMaxime Gauduin
2019-01-19disable pieMaxime Gauduin
2019-01-06fix dep orderMaxime Gauduin
2019-01-06do it againMaxime Gauduin
2018-03-26Switch gala-git over to mesonMaxime Gauduin
2017-12-22No more i686Maxime Gauduin
2017-05-23gala-git 0.3.0.r96.66b5d4a-1Maxime Gauduin
2017-05-19Add gala-gitMaxime Gauduin