AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-22update to 1.5ysblokje
2019-07-21update to 1.4Minze Zwerver
2019-04-19version bump 1.3.1Minze Zwerver
2019-03-19clean PKGBUILD up a bit after some recommendationsMinze Zwerver
2019-03-15version bump to 1.3Minze Zwerver
2019-01-25moved gamemode.ini to /usr/share/doc/gamemode/exampleMinze Zwerver
2018-08-23added the gamemode.ini from examples to packageMinze Zwerver
2018-07-21update to 1.2Minze Zwerver
2018-05-18moved back to downloading archivesMinze Zwerver
2018-05-14bump to 1.1Minze Zwerver
2018-04-16removed / corrected the last commit..Minze Zwerver
2018-04-16moved service file and renamed sourcepackage.Minze Zwerver
2018-04-11Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Zwerver
2018-04-11added git as build dependencyMinze Zwerver
2018-04-11added git as build dependencyMinze Zwerver
2018-04-11some changes based on lordheavy's patch.Minze Zwerver
2018-04-10.SRCINFO updateMinze Zwerver
2018-04-10license changed.Minze Zwerver
2018-04-101st commitMinze Zwerver