AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-02-25Updated to latest pre release v0.4.5Christopher Price
2023-03-30Remove yojson <2 requirement to match >=1.6.0 requirement per upstream; effec...Christopher Price
2023-03-30Updated to latest release v0.4.3Christopher Price
2023-03-01ocaml-yojson must be < 2.0.0Christopher Price
2022-10-15fix build errorChristopher Price
2022-10-15follow ocaml package guidelinesChristopher Price
2022-10-15Updated to latest release v0.4.2Christopher Price
2021-06-23Make downloaded source filename uniqueChristopher Price
2020-05-10update maintainer infoChristopher Price
2020-05-10Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Price
2020-05-10Updated to latest release v0.3.19Christopher Price
2020-05-10Updated to latest release v0.3.19haxxor
2019-10-070.3.16Eric Bailey
2019-09-170.3.15Eric Bailey
2019-09-100.3.13Eric Bailey
2019-06-280.3.12Eric Bailey
2019-04-120.3.10Eric Bailey
2018-12-040.3.9Eric Bailey (nerflad)
2018-11-200.3.8Eric Bailey (nerflad)
2018-02-03Support package rename: jbuilder -> duneEric Bailey
2017-12-20Skip installation of LICENSE and (opam tries to install in global /...Eric Bailey
2017-12-19Update to 0.3.6. Switch to jbuilderEric Bailey
2017-11-21fix merge conflictEric Bailey
2017-11-21update to 0.3.5. Switch from md5 to sha256 for integrity checkEric Bailey
2017-09-30Add armv7h to supported architectures. Same pkgrel.Eric Bailey
2017-06-100.3.4Eric Bailey
2017-06-04Update to 0.3.3, move upstream to github.ioEric Bailey
2017-01-26Downgrade to 0.3.1, latest stable release.nerflad
2017-01-26Update .SRCINFOEric Bailey@IT-ELB
2017-01-26Declare makedepends after depends to conform to Arch packaging standards.nerflad
2017-01-26update to 0.3.3nerflad
2016-04-21Update to 0.2.10Moritz Lipp
2015-12-20Update to 0.2.8Moritz Lipp
2015-06-15Initial importMoritz Lipp