AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-12-24update to 1.3.4fsyy
2022-11-20update to 1.3.3fsyy
2022-08-15fixed checksumsfsyy
2022-08-15version bumpfsyy
2022-06-20version bumpfsyy
2022-04-07version buimp to 1.3.0fsyy
2021-10-08updated to 1.2.9fsyy
2021-08-04version bumpfsyy
2021-04-28update to version 1.2.7fsyy
2021-03-06update to 1.2.6fsyy
2021-02-05updated to v1.2.5fsyy
2020-11-28version 1.2.4fsyy
2020-10-16update to version 1.2.3fsyy
2020-09-18new version for i686 and x86_64fsyy
2020-09-05updated to latest version, added 32bit and 64bit download sourcesfsyy
2019-12-07Update version to 1.2.0Sebastian Riedel
2019-04-14Update version to 1.1.8Sebastian Riedel
2018-12-20Update version to 1.1.7Sebastian Riedel
2018-11-19Update version to 1.1.6Sebastian Riedel
2018-10-11Update version to 1.1.5Sebastian Riedel
2018-08-24Update version to 1.1.4Sebastian Riedel
2018-07-06Update version to 1.1.3Sebastian Riedel
2018-06-15Update to 1.1.2Sebastian Riedel
2018-02-04v1.0.7Sebastian Riedel
2018-01-17Update version and remove scripts, that are includedSebastian Riedel
2017-12-27Fix run scriptSebastian Riedel
2017-12-27Do not update XDG caches manuallySebastian Riedel
2017-12-27Build v1.0.5 with build files from next releaseSebastian Riedel