AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-05-09Update to gdal 3.6.4kikislater
2023-04-03Update to gdal 3.6.3kikislater
2023-04-03Update to gdal 3.6.3kikislater
2023-02-25Only compile with LIBKML if it's present during install.Oliver Kuster
2023-01-09Update to gdal 3.6.2kikislater
2022-12-19Add proper changelogkikislater
2022-12-19Update to GDAL 3.6.0 and KML stuff (change provides from previous commit)kikislater
2022-12-19Update to GDAL 3.6.0 and KML stuffkikislater
2022-11-04Update to GDAL 3.5.3kikislater
2022-03-073.4.0-2 - adding poppler patch back, following official packageOliver Kuster
2022-01-21Update to 3.4.0Oliver Kuster
2021-11-023.3.1-3 - adding poppler 21.10.0 patchOliver Kuster
2021-08-10gdal-ecw 3.3.1-2 - fixing provides gdal=3.3.1Oliver Kuster
2021-08-10Updating gdal-ecw to 3.3.1, and fixing perl vendor patchOliver Kuster
2021-08-10Removing jpeg2000-issue-vendor.patchOliver Kuster
2021-07-05Updating to 3.3.0Oliver Kuster
2021-04-24Bumping to 3.2.2-1Oliver Kuster
2021-01-24Updating gdal-ecw and fixing build issueOliver Kuster
2021-01-24Update .SRCINFO tooOliver Kuster
2021-01-24Updating pkgrel=3 to see if it fixes updatesOliver Kuster
2020-11-05Update SRCINFOOliver Kuster
2020-11-05Update pkgrel=2.0 and add unixodbc to optdependsOliver Kuster
2020-11-04Adding version to provides (gdal=3.0.4)Oliver Kuster
2020-10-08Initial commitOliver Kuster