AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-01-10Update GDAL versionLuigi Ranghetti
2021-11-23Add poppler-21.10.0.patchLuigi Ranghetti
2021-08-02Update GDAL versionLuigi Ranghetti
2020-06-12Update GDAL versionLuigi Ranghetti
2020-02-04Update GDAL versionLuigi Ranghetti
2019-12-06Update GDAL versionLuigi Ranghetti
2019-07-25Update to GDAL version 3.0.0Luigi Ranghetti
2019-01-23Update GDAL version and fix PKGBUILDggranga
2018-09-11Update GDAL versionggranga
2018-05-11Update GDAL versionggranga
2018-05-11Update GDAL versionggranga
2018-05-11Update GDAL versionggranga
2017-12-11Update GDAL versionggranga
2017-11-20Update GDAL versionggranga
2017-10-26Update GDAL versionggranga
2017-10-11Update GDAL versionggranga
2017-08-07Update to GDAL 2.2.1ggranga
2017-08-07Updated to GDAL 2.2.1ggranga
2017-07-26Updated to GDAL 2.1.4ggranga
2017-06-05Update to version 2.1.2-2ggranga
2017-04-26Updated to GDAL version 2.1.2ggranga
2017-02-10Added a patch on jpeg2000_vsil_io.cpp to change uchar in unsigned charggranga
2016-12-20Update to 2.1.1-4ggranga
2016-12-05Update to version 2.1.1-3ggranga
2016-11-15Updated to gdal 2.1.1-2ggranga
2016-08-08Update to version 2.1.1ggranga
2016-06-10Update to release 2.1.0-2ggranga
2016-05-23Update to gdal 2.1.0ggranga
2016-05-05Reflecting edits of gdal 2.0.2-5ggranga
2016-04-28Fix to force the use of python2ggranga
2016-04-26Adding changelogggranga
2016-04-26Adding changelogggranga
2016-04-26Adding missing dependencyggranga
2016-04-26First version of gdal-hdf4ggranga