AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-02-14updated to 11.1.1L.G. Sarmiento
2022-12-13updated to 11.1L.G. Sarmiento
2022-09-16updated to v11.0.3L.G. Sarmiento
2022-08-24update to Qt6L.G. Sarmiento
2022-05-25updated to 11.0.2L.G. Sarmiento
2022-03-0911.0.1-2 fixed chechsumsL.G. Sarmiento
2022-03-08updated to 11.0.1L.G. Sarmiento
2021-12-15updated to v11 python bindings supportedL.G. Sarmiento
2021-11-19updated to 10.07.p03L.G. Sarmiento
2021-07-05bumped version to 10.7.2L.G. Sarmiento
2021-06-14Updated to 10.07.p02L.G. Sarmiento
2021-02-05patch01 for Geant4 10.7 availableL.G. Sarmiento
2021-01-31geant4make scripts also get envir variables removedL.G. Sarmiento
2021-01-31SoXt comment removedL.G. Sarmiento
2021-01-30data library names and pkg revisitedL.G. Sarmiento
2021-01-30inventor is back in QtL.G. Sarmiento
2020-12-04Updated to 10.7L.G. Sarmiento
2020-11-06updated to 10.6.3L.G. Sarmiento
2020-06-01Updated to 10.6 patch 2L.G. Sarmiento
2020-02-19updated to 10.6 patch 1L.G. Sarmiento
2019-12-11added openmotif dependencyL.G. Sarmiento
2019-12-10Updated to 10.06L.G. Sarmiento
2019-08-23OpenInventor support dropped because of SoXtL.G. Sarmiento
2019-04-29fixed version numberL.G. Sarmiento
2019-04-17updated to 10.05.p01L.G. Sarmiento
2019-03-08dependency geant4-incldata typo fixedL.G. Sarmiento
2018-12-11accounting for newly deprecated environment variableL.G. Sarmiento
2018-12-10updated to 10.5L.G. Sarmiento
2018-05-28updated to 10.4.2L.G. Sarmiento
2018-04-13new site new source location. No version bumpL.G. Sarmiento
2018-03-02updated to 10.04.p01L.G. Sarmiento
2017-12-11x686 removedL.G. Sarmiento
2017-12-10updated to 10.4L.G. Sarmiento
2017-10-23updated to 10.03.p03L.G. Sarmiento
2017-10-03updated to 10.3.2 using c++14L.G. Sarmiento
2017-05-0910.03.p01 with CXXSTD=14L.G. Sarmiento
2017-02-28Updated to Geant4 10.3 - patch-01L.G. Sarmiento
2016-12-12updated to 10.3L.G. Sarmiento
2016-06-29Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Sarmiento
2016-06-29patch02 for Geant4 10.2 availableL.G. Sarmiento
2016-03-02updated to 10.2.1-1L.G. Sarmiento
2015-12-09updated to 10.2.0L.G. Sarmiento
2015-06-26Updated to 10.01.02. Upload fixed!L.G. Sarmiento
2015-06-26Updated to 10.01.02. Upload fixed?L.G. Sarmiento
2015-06-26Updated to 10.01.02L.G. Sarmiento
2015-06-14Initial importL.G. Sarmiento