AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-12-14Update SRCINFOXyem
2021-12-14Update package for geany changes and other fixesXyem
2021-12-14Update package maintainer and contributorXyem
2021-12-14Improve separation between if/else and following statementXyem
2021-12-14Change indentation from 4 space to 2 spaceXyem
2021-12-14Change integrity check from md5 to sha256Xyem
2021-12-14Reset pkgrelXyem
2021-12-14Fix pkgver to match upstreamXyem
2021-12-14Fix file install pathXyem
2015-11-17Added a basic .gitignore file to exclude typical upstream source files.James An
2014-08-11Fixed mistake with text transformations in geany-openscad install file.James An
2014-08-11Added initial version of geany-openscad package.James An