AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
8 daysFix build comand and remove obsolete make dependencyChristopher Arndt
2021-07-04Remove redkite makedep.Christopher Arndt
2020-12-16Bump redkite dep to >= 1.3.0Christopher Arndt
Signed-off-by: Christopher Arndt <>
2020-07-18Requires redkite>=1.0.0Christopher Arndt
Presets & kits are now installed by by upstream
2020-06-07Remove obsolete dependencies now covered ny hooksChristopher Arndt
2020-05-05Adapt to upstream changesChristopher Arndt
* Update project and git repo URL * Remove obsolete CMakeList.txt patching * Fix preset installation * Add 'lv2-plugins' group
2019-10-06Update project and repo URL; fix example files installation; use new cmake ↵Christopher Arndt
variable for redkite install prefix; get rid of permission warning when packaging Signed-off-by: Christopher Arndt <>
2019-08-05Add new VCS package 'geonkick-git'Christopher Arndt
Signed-off-by: Christopher Arndt <>