AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-03-07Bump version to 2.10Karol Babioch
2017-01-30Bump version to 2.09Karol Babioch
2017-01-11Bump version to 2.03Karol Babioch
2017-01-11Add *_scripts which are provided with the releaseKarol Babioch
2017-01-04Bump version to 2.00Karol Babioch
2016-12-26Bump version to 1.92Karol Babioch
2016-12-13bump version to 1.85Karol Babioch
2016-12-07Bump version to 1.84Karol Babioch
2016-09-06Add dependenciesKarol Babioch
2016-09-06Initial commitKarol Babioch