AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-06-11Add boost build dependencyXiretza
2022-06-17Don't try to build against ancient yosys in reposXiretza
2022-05-15GHDL 2.0.0 rebuildXiretza
2022-04-09Update source from git:// protocol to HTTPSXiretza
2021-09-27change yosys dependendency from yosys-git to yosys>0.9Xiretza
2021-03-13Remove mentions of old ghdlsynth-beta nameXiretza
2020-04-27Update .SRCINFOXiretza
2020-04-27Change depends to yosys-gitXiretza
2020-04-01Remove clang dependency, re-enable debug buildsXiretza
2020-04-01Rename package to ghdl-yosys-plugin-gitXiretza
2020-03-22Depend on ghdl-gitXiretza
2020-02-03Disable debug, adopt install location of docker imagesXiretza
2020-01-19Fix installation of examplesXiretza
2020-01-01Initial commitXiretza