AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
12 dayschore: revert patch due to merged fixAvery
12 dayschore: update srcinfo and include patchAvery
12 daysfix: building decompiler componentAvery
2023-01-03fix: new icon path at packagingAvery
2022-11-09Bump pkgrel in case someone already downloaded v1Arnaud Dovi
2022-11-09Skip ip module based on /blob/master/DevGuide.mdArnaud Dovi
2022-11-09Update major versionArnaud Dovi
2022-09-30Update versions and SRCINFOnullableVoidPtr
2022-09-30Bump required JDKnullableVoidPtr
2022-02-20Update major versionArnaud Dovi
2022-01-03Support aarch64; use java-environment=11 in dependsLuke Street
2021-11-13Update major versionArnaud Dovi
2021-09-06Update zip nameArnaud Dovi
2021-07-09Update the package major versionArnaud Dovi
2021-06-24Update the package major versionArnaud Dovi
2021-06-15Update pkgrel to 2 to redistribute the new versionArnaud Dovi
2021-06-15Add a java version check to forbid the build to start if jdk11 is installed b...Arnaud Dovi
2021-06-03Added gradle7 supportArnaud Dovi
2021-05-01Use gradle6Luke Street
2021-04-24Bump pkgrelLuke Street
2021-04-24Go back to using unzipLuke Street
2021-04-22Use 256px icon again; fix zip extractLuke Street
2021-04-22Update to 9.2.3; cleanup from ghidra-devLuke Street
2021-01-25Remove patch for #2443Luke Street
2020-11-14Update to 9.2Luke Street
2020-03-13Bump version to 9.1.2Luke Street
2019-12-14Pre-compile language models, don't install common licenseJean Lucas
2019-10-08Remove package variant conflicts; rename analyzeHeadless link to 'ghidra-head...Jean Lucas
2019-08-16Update pkgver schema; version bumpJean Lucas
2019-08-12Add dep, add desktop entry and icons, check for bad commitJean Lucas
2019-08-08Fix/update build, update deps, add commentsJean Lucas
2019-06-21Remove internal pacman APIsJean Lucas
2019-06-12Add headless analyzer symlink, update URLJean Lucas
2019-06-12Update makedepends, revision bumpJean Lucas
2019-05-24Dest dir name changedJean Lucas
2019-05-22Remove unneeded variableJean Lucas
2019-05-16Version bump, build native componentsJean Lucas
2019-05-03Update directory path for build to succeed, add providesJean Lucas
2019-04-18Determine name of built archive from application.propertiesJean Lucas
2019-04-06Add FID datasetsJean Lucas
2019-04-06Move repositories inlineJean Lucas
2019-04-06i686 is not supported, add bash to dependsJean Lucas
2019-04-05Initial commitJean Lucas