AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-02-02Update version to 1.5.0-1NOGISAKA Sadata
2023-04-17Update version to 1.4.2-1NOGISAKA Sadata
2023-02-26Bump up to 1.4.1-1NOGISAKA Sadata
2022-05-06Update version to 1.3.0-1NOGISAKA Sadata
2022-05-01Update to 1.2.1-3: Remove check()NOGISAKA Sadata
2022-04-30Update to 1.2.1-2: Rename bash completion fileNOGISAKA Sadata
2021-06-05Update version to 1.2.1-1NOGISAKA Sadata
2021-02-25Update version to 1.1.6-1NOGISAKA Sadata
2020-07-26Add ghq-bin as conflictsNOGISAKA Sadata
2020-07-26Use source properly instead of `git checkout` in git tree on prepare()NOGISAKA Sadata
2020-07-24Update version to 1.1.5-1NOGISAKA Sadata
2020-06-30Update version to 1.1.4-1NOGISAKA Sadata
2020-06-26Update version to 1.1.3-1NOGISAKA Sadata
2020-06-21Update version to 1.1.2-1NOGISAKA Sadata
2020-06-03Update version to 1.1.1-1NOGISAKA Sadata
2020-01-30Bump up to 1.1.0-2NOGISAKA Sadata
2020-01-25Update version to 1.1.0-1NOGISAKA Sadata
2020-01-22Update version to 1.0.3-1NOGISAKA Sadata
2020-01-17Update version to 1.0.2-1NOGISAKA Sadata
2020-01-05Bump up to 1.0.1-1NOGISAKA Sadata
2020-01-02Bump up to 0.99.1-1NOGISAKA Sadata
2019-12-30Bump up to 0.17.4-1NOGISAKA Sadata
2019-12-29Bump up to 0.17.3-1NOGISAKA Sadata
2019-12-25Bump up to 0.17.1-1 and use `make` on build() and check()NOGISAKA Sadata
2019-12-25Bump up to 0.17.0-1NOGISAKA Sadata
2019-12-22Bump up to 0.16.0-1NOGISAKA Sadata
2019-12-20Bump up to 0.15.0-1NOGISAKA Sadata
2019-12-18Bump up to 0.14.2-1NOGISAKA Sadata
2019-12-05Bump up to 0.14.0-1NOGISAKA Sadata
2019-12-01Bump up to 0.13.0-1NOGISAKA Sadata
2019-11-20Bump up to 0.12.9-1NOGISAKA Sadata
2019-11-05Bump up to 0.12.8-1NOGISAKA Sadata
2019-06-17$pkgver suffix is no longer addedNOGISAKA Sadata
2019-06-17Bump up to 0.12.6-1NOGISAKA Sadata
2019-02-14Bump to 0.9.0-1 and remove patchesNOGISAKA Sadata
2018-04-01update to 0.8.0-4 (add patch for url.go to pass go test in go.1.10, see https...NOGISAKA Sadata
2017-09-18update pkgdescNOGISAKA Sadata
2017-09-18add url_test.go.patch for passing `go test` (this patch is backported from ht...NOGISAKA Sadata
2017-09-18remove ghq archive (added by misoperation)NOGISAKA Sadata
2017-09-18add .gitignoreNOGISAKA Sadata
2017-09-18update to v0.8.0NOGISAKA Sadata
2016-12-23Update to v0.7.4Kohei Suzuki
2015-11-23Fix GOPATHKohei Suzuki
2015-11-23Publish ghqKohei Suzuki