AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-06-26Compile in optional ILBM support -- I added the libraries to the AUR.Ted Alff
2024-06-26Add glib2-devel build dependency.Ted Alff
2024-06-07Add missing patch.Ted Alff
2024-06-07Fix build with documentation. Fix missing gimpchoice.h header.Ted Alff
2024-02-20Add cfitsio to {make,opt}depends for FITS image format supportTed Alff
2024-02-19Version bump 2.99.18Ted Alff
2023-08-16Add support for QOI format.Ted Alff
2023-07-09Version bump 2.99.16Ted Alff
2023-07-09Version bump 2.99.16Ted Alff
2023-04-11Update .SRCINFOTed Alff
2023-04-11Update shasums for the babl patches. Add the patches locally so we don't have...Ted Alff
2022-12-10Forgot to update .SRCINFOTed Alff
2022-12-10Add patch to handle babl pkgconfig naming change from babl to babl-0.1. Updat...Ted Alff
2022-11-16Version bump 2.99.14Ted Alff
2022-09-14Fix build with libheif 1.13+Ted Alff
2022-08-27Version bump 2.99.12Ted Alff
2022-03-25Update .SRCINFOTed Alff
2022-03-25Add highway as makedepends for compiling jpegxl support.Ted Alff
2022-02-25Version bump 2.99.10Ted Alff
2021-10-20Version bump 2.99.8Ted Alff
2021-04-28Version bump 2.99.6Ted Alff
2020-12-26Add vala as makedepend.Ted Alff
2020-12-26Version bump 2.99.4Ted Alff
2020-11-07Version bump 2.99.2Ted Alff
2018-04-30Update 2.10.0Ted Alff
2018-04-17bump babl dependencyTed Alff
2018-04-17Version bump 2.10.0 RC2Ted Alff
2018-03-28Version update 2.10.0-RC1Ted Alff
2017-12-13Explicitly disable webkit (webkitgtk2)Ted Alff
2017-12-12Version update: 2.9.8. Incorporate python2 fixes for plugins.Ted Alff
2017-08-24Version bump: 2.9.6Ted Alff
2017-08-11Fixed check for libmypaint with versioned libs. Maybe a better fix for python...Ted Alff
2017-03-02Changed source link to httpsTed Alff
2017-02-02Version 2.9.4Ted Alff