AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
10 days4.4.1Mark Wagie
2023-11-024.4.0Mark Wagie
2023-09-30Disable unit testsMark Wagie
2023-09-30update deps, build docs, run unit testsMark Wagie
2023-08-314.3.2Mark Wagie
2023-08-184.3.1Mark Wagie
2023-08-134.3.0Mark Wagie
2023-05-31update sourceMark Wagie
2023-05-15remove vendorized & drop testsMark Wagie
2023-04-014.2.1Manjaro Build Server
2023-03-264.2.0Mark Wagie
2022-12-244.1.0Mark Wagie
2022-11-234.0.4Mark Wagie
2022-11-104.0.3Mark Wagie
2022-11-09add patch for issue #1263Mark Wagie
2022-11-04remove unneeded depMark Wagie
2022-10-27add numpy & pyqt5 to dependsMark Wagie
2022-09-294.0.2Mark Wagie
2022-09-01temporarily disable testsMark Wagie
2022-06-104.0.1Mark Wagie
2022-05-244.0.0Mark Wagie
2022-01-203.12.0Mark Wagie
2022-01-06minor PKGBUILD improvementsMark Wagie
2021-10-193.11.0Mark Wagie
2021-07-123.10.1Mark Wagie
2021-02-26add missing dependencyMark Wagie
2021-02-253.9Mark Wagie
2021-01-18Version 3.8Marcin Wieczorek
2020-06-07Version 3.7Paul Weingardt
2020-01-13Version 3.6Paul Weingardt
2019-09-27Test commitPaul Weingardt
2019-09-23Version 3.5Paul Weingardt
2019-07-07updated SRCINFO to version 3.4Paul Weingardt
2019-07-07Version 3.4Paul Weingardt
2019-02-10Version 3.3Paul Weingardt
2018-12-20version 3.2Paul Weingardt
2018-06-27removed unnecessary symbolsPaul Weingardt
2018-04-29Version 3.1Paul Weingardt
2018-01-30version 3.0Paul Weingardt
2017-05-28increased pkg versionPaul Weingardt
2017-05-28renamed downloaded file to pkgname-pkgversionPaul Weingardt
2017-05-14updated .SRCINFOPaul Weingardt
2017-05-14version 2.11Paul Weingardt
2017-02-12updated git-cola to 2.10Paul Weingardt
2016-09-20version 2.8Paul Weingardt
2016-06-03release 2.6Paul Weingardt
2016-02-13updated to v2.5Paul Weingardt
2015-10-27updated to v2.4, switched from zip to tar.gz archivesPaul Weingardt
2015-08-31updated to v2.3Paul Weingardt
2015-07-12updated to v2.2.1Paul Weingardt