AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2 daysRemoving i686 supportAndrew Crerar
4 daysUpdating to use best practicesAndrew Crerar
5 daysAdding dependencies, updating makedepsAndrew Crerar
2017-11-03Using sysusers for git account creation, minor cleanupAndrew Crerar
2017-11-02Clean up formatting, remove extraneous variableAndrew Crerar
2017-10-04Making sure this package also satisfies the git dependency of other packagesAndrew Crerar
2017-10-04PKGBUILD overhaul, added new maintainerAndrew Crerar
2015-12-22Updated the package.Kamran Mackey
2015-12-11Revert "Build the HTML docs along with the man docs."Kamran Mackey
2015-12-11Build the HTML docs along with the man docs.Kamran Mackey
2015-12-11Updated the package version.Kamran Mackey
2015-12-09Updated the PKGBUILD.Kamran Mackey
2015-12-08There we go.Kamran Mackey
2015-12-08Updated .srcinfo.Kamran Mackey
2015-12-08Reverted the past 3 commits. but kept the .install file.Kamran Mackey
2015-12-08Updated .SRCINFO.Kamran Mackey
2015-12-08Skip the md5sums check for all files.Kamran Mackey
2015-12-08Added a git install file and systemd unit files.Kamran Mackey
2015-12-08Initial import.Kamran Mackey