AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-06-06update git town to v7.2.1Alec Snyder
2018-06-16bump to version 7.2.0Alec S
2018-04-25fix merge conflictsAlec S
2018-04-25bump to 7.1.1Alec S
2018-02-03bump version to 6.0.1Alec S
2017-12-30update to 5.1.0Alec S
2017-10-17bump to 5.0.0Alec S
2017-09-11update to v4.2.1Alec S
2017-05-14update to 4.0.0Alec S
2017-04-27update to 3.1.0Alec S
2017-02-08bump to 3.0Alec S
2017-01-12update to 2.1.0Alec S
2016-09-18update to 2.0.0Alec S
2016-08-11release 1.0Alec S
2016-08-02bump version numberAlec S
2016-02-13update to v0.10.0Alec S
2015-12-17Update to 0.9.0Alec S
2015-09-11Updated to 0.7.3Alec S
2015-08-27Update package versionAlec S
2015-08-27update tag, remove pkgverAlec S
2015-08-14move build process to main git foldersAlec S
2015-08-01Add initial PKGBUILDAlec S