AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
9 daysVersion 0.4.3Wesley Moore
2022-11-30Patch openssl-sys version so that it builds with OpenSSL 3Wesley Moore
2020-11-13Bump pkgrelWesley Moore
2020-10-28Version 0.4.2Wesley Moore
2020-05-08Version 0.3.2Wesley Moore
2020-04-15Bump pkgrel to pick up updated libgit2Wesley Moore
2020-04-01Version 0.3.1Wesley Moore
2020-03-27Version 0.3.0Wesley Moore
2020-03-18Version 0.2.5Wesley Moore
2020-03-11Version 0.2.4Wesley Moore
2020-02-24Version 0.2.1Wesley Moore
2020-02-16Version 0.1.4Wesley Moore
2020-02-13Initial commitWesley Moore