AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-01-11Disable ltokageru
2022-04-02Include changed .SRCINFOkageru
2022-04-02Version bumpkageru
2021-05-29Provide config changes as standalone configkageru
2021-05-02fix patchkageru
2020-12-22Reenable bindata, merge some changes from the repo packagekageru
2020-12-19Fix patch application (again)kageru
2020-12-12Make patch apply againkageru
2020-09-25Fix gitea-arch-defaults.patchkageru
2020-06-23Fix filename in config patchkageru
2020-06-11Fix static resource loadingkageru
2020-06-11Bring PKGBUILD more in line with community/giteakageru
2020-06-11Use make instead of go mod for dependencieskageru
2020-03-15Remove unneeded workaround and fix buildkageru
2020-01-11Make patches apply cleanly, add notice for changed 1.12 data loadingkageru
2020-01-11Fix build for 1.12kageru
2019-11-28Fix build on setups with read-only homekageru
2019-10-18Update to current version and fix patcheskageru
2019-02-01Fix cache useSam Whited
2019-02-01Bump to pull in security fixSam Whited
2019-01-21Make patch apply cleanlySam Whited
2019-01-04Bump version to force updates for security fixesSam Whited
2018-12-23Remove unused patch fileSam Whited
2018-12-13Use gitea userSam Whited
2018-11-10Make consistent with community/giteaSam Whited
2018-07-06Revert git shellfrancoism90
2018-07-05Use git-shell instead of bashfrancoism90
2018-07-05Update package releasefrancoism90
2018-07-05Remove tidb as seen upstream #3993francoism90
2018-07-05Add missing tmpfiles installfrancoism90
2018-06-16Fix systemd user gitfrancoism90
2018-06-16Use home-folder for repos, create user with home, fix buildingfrancoism90
2018-01-07Maintenance update 2Anton Kudryavtsev
2018-01-07Maintenance updateAnton Kudryavtsev
2017-12-18Patch updatesAnton Kudryavtsev
2017-12-14Patch updatesAnton Kudryavtsev
2017-12-12App version fixAnton Kudryavtsev
2017-12-11Shell fixAnton Kudryavtsev
2017-12-11PrettierAnton Kudryavtsev
2017-12-11Major fixAnton Kudryavtsev
2017-12-11Update pkgver in MakefileAnton Kudryavtsev
2017-12-11Hotfix #3Anton Kudryavtsev
2017-12-11Hotfix #2Anton Kudryavtsev
2017-12-11Version bumpAnton Kudryavtsev
2017-12-11HotfixAnton Kudryavtsev
2017-12-11Auto-change git user home dirAnton Kudryavtsev
2017-12-11Package refactoringAnton Kudryavtsev
2017-11-28HotfixAnton Kudryavtsev
2017-11-28Version bumpAnton Kudryavtsev
2017-11-28Config path updatesAnton Kudryavtsev