AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-10-26fix issue #5541, use /opt instead of /usr/shareMikael Blomstrand
2018-10-26shasums, quote variablesMikael Blomstrand
2018-10-26Upgraded to 2.51.05Mikael Blomstrand
2018-02-05Updated to the latest GIT release (2.51)SharkEzz
2018-01-21Updated to the latest git version (2.51.RC2)SharkEzz
2017-11-26Upgraded to 2.50.02alvenca
2017-07-08Upgraded to 2.50.01alvenca
2017-07-02Upgraded to 2.50alvenca
2016-11-17Upgraded from 2.48.05 to 2.49Sebastian Bøe
2016-11-17Moved package to githubSebastian Bøe
2016-11-17Changed epoch and naming schemeSebastian Bøe
2015-07-27Initial import.Sebastian Bøe