AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-05-31Auto updated to 2.317.0Auto update bot
2024-05-03Auto updated to 2.316.1Auto update bot
2024-04-24Auto updated to 2.316.0Auto update bot
2024-03-27Auto updated to 2.315.0Auto update bot
2024-02-28Auto updated to 2.314.1Auto update bot
2024-02-27Auto updated to 2.314.0Auto update bot
2024-02-08Auto updated to 2.313.0Auto update bot
2024-01-17Auto updated to 2.312.0Auto update bot
2023-10-24Auto updated to 2.311.0Auto update bot
2023-10-11Auto updated to 2.310.2Auto update bot
2023-10-10Auto updated to 2.310.0Auto update bot
2023-09-08Auto updated to 2.309.0Auto update bot
2023-08-23added github-actions-bin.installJingbei Li
2023-08-15Auto updated to 2.308.0Auto update bot
2023-07-26Auto updated to 2.307.1Auto update bot
2023-07-25Auto updated to 2.307.0Auto update bot
2023-07-08Auto updated to 2.306.0Auto update bot
2023-06-16Auto updated to 2.305.0Auto update bot
2023-05-29Auto updated to 2.304.0Auto update bot
2023-03-11Auto updated to 2.303.0Auto update bot
2023-02-16auto updated to 2.302.1Auto update bot
2023-02-15auto updated to 2.302.0Auto update bot
2023-01-19auto updated to 2.301.1Auto update bot
2022-12-20auto updated to 2.300.2Auto update bot
2022-12-15auto updated to 2.300.0Auto update bot
2022-11-03auto updated to 2.299.1Auto update bot
2022-10-05auto updated to 2.298.2Auto update bot
2022-09-28fixed permissionsJingbei Li
2022-09-27auto updated to 2.297.0Auto update bot
2022-09-09auto updated to 2.296.2Auto update bot
2022-09-01auto updated to 2.296.1Auto update bot
2022-08-24auto updated to 2.296.0Auto update bot
2022-08-11auto updated to 2.295.0Auto update bot
2022-07-12fixed github-actions.serviceJingbei Li
2022-06-22auto upgraded to 2.294.0Jingbei Li
2022-06-13auto upgraded to 2.293.0Jingbei
2021-05-06auto upgraded to 2.278.0Jingbei
2021-05-06removed subtree/README.mdJingbei Li
2020-06-13added arm supportJingbei Li
2020-05-03Update to 2.169.1Samuel Williams
2020-04-01Merge pull request #1 from edacval/masterSamuel Williams
2020-03-30RefactorEdvinas Valatka
2019-12-02Fix instructions.Samuel Williams
2019-11-30Fix service file.Samuel Williams
2019-11-30Add memory and CPU limits to README.Samuel Williams
2019-11-30Add README.Samuel Williams
2019-11-30Bump release.Samuel Williams
2019-11-30Add systemd service file.Samuel Williams
2019-11-30Better handling of install hooks.BuildTools
2019-11-30Add github user because the runner requires to write to the install directory.Samuel Williams