AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 daysupdate to 5.6.0zxp19821005
6 daysupdate to 5.5.0zxp19821005
2024-05-07update to 5.5.0zxp19821005
2024-04-18update plugin to 5.4.0zxp19821005
2024-04-17update to 5.3.0zxp19821005
2024-04-03update to 5.2.0zxp19821005
2024-03-28update to 5.1.0zxp19821005
2024-03-26update to 5.0.0zxp19821005
2021-11-15update: Updated package to 4.3.1PolpOnline
2021-11-14update: Updated package to 4.3.0PolpOnline
2021-06-22chore: Removed an empty linePolpOnline
2021-06-06fix: Bump pkgrel to 4PolpOnline
2021-06-06fix: Modified .gitignore to exclude all files except for the right onesPolpOnline
2021-06-06new: Added a .install file and moved binary linking + SUID chrome-sandbox therePolpOnline
2021-06-06fix: Updated dependencies to match the officially-provided onesPolpOnline
2021-06-06fix: Pass $CARCH to electron-builderPolpOnline
2021-06-06fix: Moved "yarn install" to the prepare() functionPolpOnline
2021-06-06fix: Don't build the AppImage packagePolpOnline
2021-06-06fix: Shortened (a bit) the source tarball linkPolpOnline
2021-06-05fix: SUID chrome-sandbox in package()PolpOnline
2021-06-05Initial commitPolpOnline