AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 daysRemoved unneeded dependencies gtk2, gconf, libcurl-gnutls, trmpdump.Jay Ta'ala
5 daysUpdate to gitkraken-standalone 6.3.1Jay Ta'ala
2019-10-17Update to gitkraken-standalone 6.3.0Jay Ta'ala
2019-09-27Update to gitkraken-standalone 6.2.1Jay Ta'ala
2019-09-17Update to gitkraken-standalone 6.2.0Jay Ta'ala
2019-08-24Update to gitkraken-standalone 6.1.4Jay Ta'ala
2019-08-19Update to gitkraken-standalone 6.1.3.Jay Ta'ala
2019-08-13Update to gitkraken-standalone 6.1.1. Jay Ta'ala
2019-07-30Update to gitkraken-standalone 6.0.1. Jay Ta'ala
2019-06-19Forked gitkraken aur package and applied changes required to build/install st...Jay Ta'ala
2019-06-18Bump to v6.0.0William Penton
2019-06-18Bump to v6.0.0Val Saven
2019-03-29Enable namcap package analysis in travisJoseph Petersen
2019-03-29Speed up travis build by using less compression of the packageJoseph Petersen
2019-03-29Disable travis email notficationsJoseph Petersen
2019-03-28Add travis badgeTim Kleinschmidt
2019-03-28add travisJoseph Petersen
2019-03-28Bump to v5.0.4Joseph Petersen
2019-03-27Bump to v5.0.3Val Saven
2019-03-15bump to v5.0.2-1Ivo Berger
2019-03-13Bump to v5.0.1-1KillWolfVlad
2019-02-27Bump versionTim Kleinschmidt
2019-02-27Update shasum for GitKraken.desktop filePatrick King
2019-02-26Update shasumTim Kleinschmidt
2019-02-26Bump versionTim Kleinschmidt
2019-02-26allow opening pathsPhilipp A
2019-02-07Bump to 4.2.2Val Saven
2019-01-23Bump to v4.2.1-1KillWolfVlad
2019-01-04Bump to v4.2.0-1KillWolfVlad
2018-11-14Bump to 4.1.1Tim Kleinschmidt
2018-11-14Bump to 4.1.1Tim Kleinschmidt
2018-11-13Bump to v4.1.0-1 (Ubuntu 14.04+)KillWolfVlad
2018-10-15Bump to v4.0.6-1 (Ubuntu 18.04+)KillWolfVlad
2018-09-27Download from insteadBjørn Madsen
2018-09-20Bump to v4.0.5-1KillWolfVlad
2018-09-16Updated PKGBUILD for v4.0.4Joel S
2018-09-16Updated .SRCINFO for v4.0.4Joel S
2018-09-13Bump to v4.0.3-1KillWolfVlad
2018-08-18Bump to v4.0.2-1William Penton
2018-08-14Bump to v4.0.1-1KillWolfVlad
2018-08-13Bump to v4.0.0William Penton
2018-07-12Bump to v3.6.6-1KillWolfVlad
2018-07-12Bump to v3.6.5William Penton
2018-06-19Bump to v3.6.4William Penton
2018-06-01Bump to v3.6.3William Penton
2018-05-30update to .SRCINFOWilliam Penton
2018-05-30Bump to v3.6.2William Penton
2018-05-16Bump to v3.6.1Mike Faas
2018-05-01Bump to v3.6.0-1KillWolfVlad
2018-04-06Bump version to 3.5.1Tim Kleinschmidt