AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-12-29feat: bump to 1.36.0Alexander Huck
2023-11-14feat: bump to 1.35.0Alexander Huck
2023-10-27feat: bump to 1.34.0Alexander Huck
2023-09-25feat: bump to 1.33.0Alexander Huck
2023-09-05feat: bump to 1.32.0Alexander Huck
2023-05-31bump to 1.30.0Flávio Tapajós
2023-05-17initial commitFlávio Tapajós
2020-04-07make updates work without a cleanbuildHendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer
2020-04-07bump to 0.1.12Hendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer
2020-03-04bump to 0.11.1Hendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer
2020-02-13bump to 0.1.10Hendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer
2019-11-16bumpHendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer
2019-11-16bumpHendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer
2019-11-14bumpHendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer
2019-11-14Bump to 0.1.5Hendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer
2019-11-10bump to 0.1.4Hendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer
2019-08-26fixed makedepends and checksumsHendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer
2019-08-26fixed makedepends and checksumsHendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer
2019-07-25bump to 0.1.3 + add -aur suffixHendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer
2019-07-25bump to 0.1.2Hendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer
2019-07-24bump to 0.1.1Hendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer
2019-07-24initial commit with version 0.1.0Hendrik 'T4cC0re' Meyer