AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-01-04New upstream releaseRobin Candau
2023-09-04New upstream releaseRobin Candau
2023-04-05Bump to v0.10.2Robin Candau
2023-03-22Bump to v0.10.1Robin Candau
2023-02-19Bump to v0.9.1Robin Candau
2023-02-16Bump to v0.9.0Robin Candau
2023-02-12Bump to v0.7.12Robin Candau
2023-02-11Bump to v0.7.11Robin Candau
2023-02-10Corrected the LICENSE pathRobin Candau
2023-01-26Update emailRobin Candau
2023-01-02Little improvements to the PKGBUILDAntiz (Robin C.)
2022-09-15Bump to v0.7.10Robin Candau
2022-09-13Added the MIT license to '/usr/share/licenses/gitmux/LICENSE'Robin Candau
2022-09-12Changed sources names according to the architectureRobin Candau
2022-09-12Initial ReleaseRobin Candau