AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-16Fix KHR header collision with mesaAndrej
2018-05-13Resolve file conflict with mesa-demos:xentec
2017-02-24and update SRCINFOxentec
2017-02-24Fix cmake module installationxentec
2016-02-07Moved glfw to standard dependenciesxentec
2016-02-07Removed workaroud for names of executablesxentec
2016-02-07Added glfw to makedepends to enable tool buildingxentec
2016-01-26Be more verbose in post-processingxentec
2016-01-26Prefix binaries with glb- to reduce filename collisionsxentec
2015-12-30Forgot about .SRCINFO again.xentec
2015-12-30Disabled tool generationxentec
2015-10-22Use correct package name for install pathsxentec
2015-09-07Normalized version numberxentec
2015-09-07Updated upstream urlsxentec
2015-09-07Split checkdepends from makedependsxentec
2015-08-14Added missing conflict with non-git packagexentec
2015-08-14Added checksxentec
2015-06-08Hello AUR4xentec