AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-10-01update to latest changesMartins Mozeiko
2023-03-11update to latest changesMartins Mozeiko
2022-11-06update package urlMārtiņš Možeiko
2018-08-05removed obsolete patchMartins Mozeiko
2018-08-05remove boost dependency, update to latest commitMartins Mozeiko
2017-02-20add patch for creating core contextMartins Mozeiko
2016-06-09update to commit 6dfe549Martins Mozeiko
2016-03-13created bash wrapper in /usr/bin, moved boost to makedependsMartins Mozeiko
2016-03-13corrected package version numberMartins Mozeiko
2016-03-13initial commitMartins Mozeiko