AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-28Updated to version 2.4.2, thanks to dviktorCodingMarco
2019-09-15Fixed build issuesCodingMarco
2019-09-07Fixed error in PKGBUILDCodingMarco
2019-09-07Updated to version 2.4.2-betaCodingMarco
2019-05-02Updated to version 2.2.2CodingMarco
2019-01-17Updated to version 2.2.1CodingMarco
2018-12-29Updated to version 2.1CodingMarco
2018-12-23Updated to version 1.9 and added now needed soapysdr dependencyCodingMarco
2018-11-24Updated to version 1.7CodingMarco
2018-11-15Fixed updating issues with ~/glrpt/glrptrc missing valuesCodingMarco
2018-11-15Updated to version 1.6CodingMarco
2018-11-15Updated to version 1.6CodingMarco
2018-11-07Initial / first version commitCodingMarco