AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-11-26Update to 0.3.1Vladimir Gorbunov
2023-03-11Update to 0.3.0 versionVladimir Gorbunov
2020-04-21Set GOPATH to srcdir to prevent dependencies from appearing in user homeVladimir Gorbunov
2020-04-19Release v0.2.0Vladimir Gorbunov
2017-04-09Release v0.1.1Vladimir Gorbunov
2017-01-08Fix building errorsVladimir Gorbunov
2017-01-08Removed git from makedependsVladimir Gorbunov
2017-01-08Use release tarball instead of raw git cloneVladimir Gorbunov
2015-06-12Initial commitVladimir Gorbunov