AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 daysAdd 'python-setuptools' to the 'makedepends' array.Rod Kay
2024-05-31New version.Rod Kay
2023-06-11Use source tarballs from GitHub 'archlinux-gnatstudio-support'.Rod Kay
2023-06-09Update to version '24.0w'.Rod Kay
2023-05-09Add PKGBUILD and SRCINFO for bug fix in python C code introduced with the lat...Rod Kay
2023-05-09Fix bug in python C code introduced with the latest release of python.Rod Kay
2022-11-22Move 'gnatcoll-core' from 'makedepends' to 'depends'.Rod Kay
2022-11-15Update to version '23.0.0'.Rod Kay
2022-10-01Rid python2.Rod Kay
2022-05-15Bump pkgrelXiretza
2022-05-15Add python3 bindingsXiretza
2022-05-15Use python 3Xiretza
2022-02-11Update to version '22.0.0'.Rod Kay
2021-07-20Move makedepends back to makedependsXiretza
2021-07-20Use the Community Edition source package.Rod Kay
2021-06-21Update SRCINFO.Rod Kay
2021-06-21Install licenses.Rod Kay
2021-06-21Bump pkgrel and update .SRCINFO.Rod Kay
2021-06-21Add -fPIC to build flags.Rod Kay
2021-06-21Bump pkgrel and update .SRCINFO.Rod Kay
2021-06-21Build new bindings gnatcoll-lzma, gnatcoll-omp, gnatcoll-syslog and gnatcoll-...Rod Kay
2021-05-29pkgrel bump for GCC 11Xiretza
2021-05-16Update to 21.0.0Xiretza
2020-06-27Add remaining packagesXiretza
2020-06-06Fix insecure RPATHXiretza
2020-06-06Rename gnatcoll-python to gnatcoll-python2Xiretza
2020-06-06Initial dummy split packageXiretza