AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-15Cosmetics.Rod Kay
2022-11-15Update to version '23.0.0'.Rod Kay
2022-05-15GCC 12 rebuildXiretza
2022-02-11Update to version '22.0.0'.Rod Kay
2021-07-16Add back missing epochXiretza
2021-07-16Update SRCINFO.Rod Kay
2021-07-16Update to the 2021 community release.Rod Kay
2021-06-21Add missing build dependenciesXiretza
2021-06-21Build documents.Rod Kay
2021-06-21Rid unneeded 'conflicts'.Rod Kay
2021-06-21Rid redundant 'provides'.Rod Kay
2021-06-21Install licenses.Rod Kay
2021-06-21Correct email in #Maintainer comment.Rod Kay
2021-06-20Revert "Pin build to a stable git commit."Rod Kay
2021-06-20Pin build to a stable git commit.Rod Kay
2021-05-29pkgrel bump for GCC 11Xiretza
2021-05-16Update to 21.0.0Xiretza
2020-05-21Fix source file namesXiretza
2020-05-21Update to 2020 releaseXiretza
2020-02-23Update source URL'sRod Kay
2019-06-23Update to 2019Rod Kay
2018-09-12Improve PKGBUILDRod Kay
2018-09-09Correct the conflicts settingsRod Kay
2018-09-07Initial commitRod Kay