AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-05-31New version.Rod Kay
2024-04-28Use python3.12Rod Kay
2023-09-06Add 'os-utils.c' patch.Rod Kay
2023-09-06Bump pkgrelRod Kay
2023-09-06Patch 'os-utils.c'.Rod Kay
2023-07-16Update 'building_executable_programs_with_gnat.rst' to the '23.0w' version.Rod Kay
2023-06-19Add python-sphinx_rtd_theme the 'depends' array.Rod Kay
2023-06-19Add texlive-meta to the 'makedepends' array and re-enable docs generation.Rod Kay
2023-06-19Add python-pycodestyle and python-jedi to the 'depends' array.Rod Kay
2023-06-18Gnatdoc appears broken when trying to build docs. Disabling docs til fixed.Rod Kay
2023-06-14Update to version '24.0w'.Rod Kay
2023-06-11Export 'LC_ALL=C' to workaround a bug when using locales other than 'C'.Rod Kay
2023-06-11Use source tarballs from GitHub 'archlinux-gnatstudio-support'.Rod Kay
2023-06-09Add initial PKGBUILD.Rod Kay
2023-06-09initial commitRod Kay