AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-03-03Add dependency gst-plugin-gtkMax Harmathy
2022-12-08Update to upstream release 1.3.0Max Harmathy
2022-12-08Adopt packageMax Harmathy
2019-11-22Update to version 1.2.0Ludovico de Nittis
2019-04-09Fix magic-wormhole dep and bump to version 1.0.1RyuzakiKK
2019-01-08bump to version 1.0.0RyuzakiKK
2018-09-03Update to version 0.9.9RyuzakiKK
2018-07-07Update to version 0.9.8RyuzakiKK
2018-05-19monkeysign patch is no more neededRyuzakiKK
2018-05-19Update to version
2017-12-20update to version 0.9.6RyuzakiKK
2017-11-30Add missing dependenciesRyuzakiKK
2017-10-04start bluetooth -> enable bluetoothRyuzakiKK
2017-10-04Add post install messageRyuzakiKK
2017-10-04Update .SRCINFORyuzakiKK
2017-10-04Add missing depend python-gpgmeRyuzakiKK
2017-10-03Update monkeysign patchRyuzakiKK
2017-10-03Update to version 0.9.5RyuzakiKK
2017-05-18update to version 0.9RyuzakiKK
2017-03-11initial aur release of gnome-keysignRyuzakiKK