AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-03-25Updated version (r205.56b7ee7 -> r240.775c743).AUR Update Bot
2016-03-01Updated version (r202.1acff9a -> r205.56b7ee7).AUR Update Bot
2016-02-13Updated URL and version (r192 -> r202).Ian Brunelli
2015-11-03Added appstream-glib to the makedepends array.Ian Brunelli
2015-10-01Updated version (r191.5c61170 -> r192.9ec458d).AUR Update Bot
2015-08-19Updated version (r190.cb21376 -> r191.5c61170).AUR Update Bot
2015-08-08Updated version (r184.b1de49f -> r190.cb21376).AUR Update Bot
2015-08-02Removed libgrss from dependency list (now it is a dependency of tracker).Ian Brunelli
2015-08-02Updated version (r182.18dc3c3 -> r184.b1de49f).AUR Update Bot
2015-07-27Updated version (r170.26263da -> r182.18dc3c3).AUR Update Bot
2015-07-24Added version requirement for libgrss and tracker.Ian Brunelli
2015-07-24Updated version (r169.2e5568c -> r170.26263da).AUR Update Bot
2015-07-24Updated version (r129.81d5eea -> r169.2e5568c).AUR Update Bot
2015-07-20Updated version (r102.7280c26 -> r129.81d5eea).AUR Update Bot
2015-07-19Updated version (r98.ad5b706 -> r102.7280c26).AUR Update Bot
2015-07-17Updated version (r96.521ed49 -> r98.ad5b706).AUR Update Bot
2015-07-17Updated version (r86.dec2231 -> r96.521ed49).Ian Brunelli
2015-07-17Initial commit.Ian Brunelli