AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-08-15Updated to v3.24.3.Robin Visser
2017-05-10Updated to v3.24.2.Robin Visser
2017-05-07Updated to v3.24.1.Robin Visser
2016-04-15Updated to v3.20.1.Filip Hendrik
2016-04-05Updated to v3.20.0.Filip Hendrik
2015-12-28Updated to v3.18.2.Filip Hendrik
2015-10-21Updated to v3.18.1.Rowan Lewis
2015-10-11Updated to v3.18.0.Rowan Lewis
2015-10-10Forgot to include an updated .SRCINFO.Rowan Lewis
2015-09-18Updated to gnome-settings-daemon version 3.16.3.Rowan Lewis
2015-06-09Initial importRowan Lewis