AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
10 daysfix missing gschemaChristian Schendel
10 daysstrip unneeded filesChristian Schendel
10 daysupdateChristian Schendel
11 daysno funky schemas anymoreChristian Schendel
14 daysgschema.xml: name differs from metadata.jsonChristian Schendel
2021-02-18install gschemasChristian Schendel
2021-01-29update pkgver and .SRCINFOChristian Schendel
2020-12-26tput is confused when using pamac. A fix is unknown to meChristian Schendel
2020-12-25Update .SRCINFOChristian Schendel
2020-12-25'tput -T xterm' in .install scriptChristian Schendel
2020-12-25make TERM=dumb in .install scriptChristian Schendel
2020-12-25Update .SRCINFOChristian Schendel
2020-12-25remove hard tabsChristian Schendel
2020-12-25beautify the .install scriptChristian Schendel
2020-12-25License is a bit mushy. See Schendel
2020-12-21remove prefix from pkgverChristian Schendel
2020-12-18always use latest commitChristian Schendel
2020-12-16add glib2 to makedependsChristian Schendel
2020-12-15update PKGBUILD to use a commit instead of the releaseChristian Schendel
2020-12-15add gnome-shell-extension-applications-overview-tooltip.install with instruct...Christian Schendel
2020-12-14modify .gitignore to ignore all [sub]directoriesChristian Schendel
2020-12-14add .gitignoreChristian Schendel
2020-12-13initial commitChristian Schendel