AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-25bump versionGreyson Christoforo
2023-11-14bump versionM. Greyson Christoforo
2023-10-19patch in support for gnome 45M. Greyson Christoforo
2023-04-06bump versionGreyson Christoforo
2023-02-27bump versionGreyson Christoforo
2022-11-04bump versionGreyson Christoforo
2022-04-27bump to version 40Greyson Christoforo
2022-04-10bump version and rewrite PKGBUILDGreyson Christoforo
2021-10-24upstream version bump v36gkmcd
2021-09-26upstream version bump v34gkmcd
2021-06-03upstream version bump v33gkmcd
2021-05-08upstream version bump v31gkmcd
2021-04-20upstream version bump v30gkmcd
2021-04-19upstream version bump v29a (gnome 40 fixes)gkmcd
2021-04-10upstream version bump v30gkmcd
2021-02-06upstream version bump v28gkmcd
2020-06-06upstream version bump v27gkmcd
2020-05-10upstream version bump v26gkmcd
2018-10-26bump to v22gkmcd
2018-10-02become maintainer and bump versiongkmcd
2018-06-08Updated to v20Bob Stretch
2018-02-20Lightweight GNOME shell extension to change your wallpaper every day to Micro...Barry Smith