AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-10-12update package to 38 @ 455de8f, 45.0crimist
2023-07-26set version using meson options instead of modifying, target s...crimist
2023-07-19decrement incorrect pkgver 37->36crimist
2023-07-19remove unnecessary file name in source, patch get-version incrementcrimist
2023-07-19add gnome-shell-sass commit variablecrimist
2023-07-18bump pkgrelcrimist
2023-07-18move gnome-shell-sass source to tarballcrimist
2023-07-18use gnome-shell-sass source as real dependancycrimist
2023-07-18skip git repo sum checkcrimist
2023-07-18add gnome-shell-sass sourcecrimist
2023-07-18add srcinfo for version 37crimist
2023-07-18update package to 37crimist
2022-10-25updpkg: gnome:color-picker v32skrewball
2022-09-21updpkg: gnome:color-picker v31skrewball
2022-08-05updpkg: gnome:color-picker v30skrewball
2022-04-06Update to v29skrewball
2022-04-04Change source to upstream to prevent E.G.O checksum breakage && build from so...skrewball
2022-03-18Cleanup PKGBUILDskrewball
2022-03-18Fix package directories for schemas and localeskrewball
2022-03-15Fix sha256sumskrewball
2022-02-26Added locale to pkgskrewball
2022-02-20Initial package releaseskrewball