AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-09-25fix changed download path from githubTaijian
2022-04-23update to v42.43Taijian
2022-04-08update to v42.42Taijian
2021-11-18fix version numberTaijian
2021-11-14update for Gnome 41Taijian
2021-04-15update to 40.38Taijian
2021-03-28Update to v.40.36Kalle Lindqvist
2021-02-01Update to v34Kalle Lindqvist
2020-11-24Add package conflictkalle
2020-11-23Update to v.32kalle
2020-05-31Update to v.30Kalle Lindqvist
2020-03-12Add python optional dep to .SRCINFOKalle Lindqvist
2020-03-12Update to V.28 and add Python as an optional depKalle Lindqvist
2020-02-17Update to V.25Kalle Lindqvist
2019-09-23v.24Kalle Lindqvist
2018-10-27Forgot to update .SRCINFOKalle Lindqvist
2018-10-27Update to v17. Download tarball instead of cloning with git.Kalle Lindqvist
2018-06-05V.16Kalle Lindqvist