AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
14 daysUpdate the list of maintainersMingi Sung
2024-04-06Update .SRCINFOMingi Sung
2024-04-06Sync to mainMingi Sung
2024-04-02Add `provides` to docs tooMingi Sung
2024-04-011:46.0-2: Fix `provides`Mingi Sung
2024-03-241:46.0-1Mingi Sung
2024-03-21Sync to gnome-45Mingi Sung
2024-02-12Sync to gnome-45Mingi Sung
2024-01-08Sync to gnome-45Mingi Sung
2023-12-09Sync to gnome-45Mingi Sung
2023-11-09Sync to gnome-45Mingi Sung
2023-10-15Sync to gnome-45Mingi Sung
2023-10-10Sync to gnome-45Mingi Sung
2023-09-19Sync to gnome-44Mingi Sung
2023-09-021:44.4-2: Disable a rt-scheduler modificationMingi Sung
2023-08-24Sync to gnome-44Mingi Sung
2023-07-18Sync to gnome-44Mingi Sung
2023-05-09 Sung
2023-05-02Sync to gnome-44Mingi Sung
2023-04-16Fix INSTALLMingi Sung
2023-04-16Allow to spawn realtime threads without the help of rtkitMingi Sung
2023-03-26Sync to gnome-43Mingi Sung
2023-02-22Sync to gnone-43 & Add aarch64 supportMingi Sung
2023-01-15Sync to gnome-43Mingi Sung
2022-12-30Update maintainers listMingi Sung
2022-12-16Sync to gnome-43Mingi Sung
2022-12-09Sync to gnome-43Mingi Sung
2022-12-06Sync to gnome-43Mingi Sung
2022-12-05Implement `_enable_check` optionMingi Sung
2022-12-04Sync to gnome-43 (fmuellner/gnome-shell:for-43) & remove a merged PRMingi Sung
2022-11-24Add mr2536Mingi Sung
2022-11-20Sync to gnome-43Mingi Sung
2022-11-15Remove merged PRMingi Sung
2022-11-14Sync to gnome-43Mingi Sung
2022-11-04Sync to gnome-43Mingi Sung
2022-11-03add a patch to fix freeze in 43Saren
2022-10-28Sync to gnome-43Mingi Sung
2022-10-2742.5-2Mingi Sung
2022-09-19Sync to gnome-42Mingi Sung
2022-08-12Sync to gnome-42Mingi Sung
2022-07-06Fix a broken mr1915Sung Mingi
2022-07-06Sync to gnome-42Sung Mingi
2022-06-25Sync to gnome-42Sung Mingi
2022-05-31Sync to gnome-42Sung Mingi
2022-05-08Sync to gnome-42Sung Mingi
2022-04-26Sync to gnome-42Sung Mingi
2022-04-17Sync to gnome-42Sung Mingi
2022-04-13Re-enable !1884 by defaultSung Mingi
2022-04-07Sync to gnome-42Sung Mingi