AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-04-02update to 3.32.0 and unsplit packagekitMitchell Renouf
2018-12-20Update to 3.30.6Mitchell Renouf
2018-10-25update to 3.30.5Mitchell Renouf
2018-10-20update to gnome 3.30.3Mitchell Renouf
2018-10-18switch source to gnome with checksumsMitchell Renouf
2018-10-18switch to ubuntu orginal sources for checksumMitchell Renouf
2018-10-17Switch to checksumed tarballMitchell Renouf
2018-10-17fix build due to pkgbase changeMitchell Renouf
2018-10-17fix pkgbase since name change to *-snapMitchell Renouf
2018-10-17make gnome-software-snap require packagekit-snapMitchell Renouf
2018-10-17inital commitMitchell Renouf