AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-04-24add some more depends...Jonas Strassel
2018-03-11removed no-depsJonas Strassel
2018-03-11removed no-depsJonas Strassel
2018-03-11added the newly created pycaption packageJonas Strassel
2018-03-11added enum34 as local dependencyJonas Strassel
2018-03-11removed icon-copy and no-deps flag for pipJonas Strassel
2018-03-10added pychromecast as a dependencyJonas Strassel
2018-03-10remove unnecessary icon creation and added pip to dependsJonas Strassel
2018-03-10used local install of pycaptionJonas Strassel
2018-03-10fixed dependenciesJonas Strassel
2018-02-15Fix depends, add ffmpeg and setuptoolsJacob Mischka
2018-02-15Initial commitJacob Mischka