AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
8 daysupdate to version 2.2.25Stephan Springer
2021-08-27allow (currently outdated) Arch package community/python-distroStephan Springer
2021-08-27update .SRCINFOStephan Springer
2021-08-27update to version 2.2.24Stephan Springer
2021-08-06update to version 2.2.23Stephan Springer
2021-06-13update to version 2.2.22Stephan Springer
2021-05-11update to version 2.2.21Stephan Springer
2021-05-10allow sentry-sdk >= 1.0.0Stephan Springer
2021-04-09update to version 2.2.20Stephan Springer
2021-03-06update to version 2.2.19Stephan Springer
2021-02-16update to version 2.2.18Stephan Springer
2021-01-22bump pkgrel due to updated dependency pythonStephan Springer
2020-12-06update to version 2.2.17Stephan Springer
2020-11-05update to version 2.2.16Stephan Springer
2020-10-08update to version 2.2.15Stephan Springer
2020-09-15update to version 2.2.14Stephan Springer
2020-09-08update to version 2.2.13Stephan Springer
2020-08-16update to version 2.2.12Stephan Springer
2020-07-15update to version 2.2.11Stephan Springer
2020-06-18update to version 2.2.10Stephan Springer
2020-06-05update dependenciesStephan Springer
2020-06-04update to version 2.2.9Stephan Springer
2020-05-10update to version 2.2.8Stephan Springer
2020-04-11update to version 2.2.7Stephan Springer
2020-03-26update to version 2.2.6Stephan Springer
2020-01-13update to version 2.2.5Stephan Springer
2019-11-25relax dependency on python-psutil to allow community packageStephan Springer
2019-11-12update to version 2.2.3Stephan Springer
2019-11-04update to version 2.2.2Stephan Springer
2019-11-02update to version 2.2.1Stephan Springer
2019-10-06add missing dependencyStephan Springer
2019-10-01update to version 2.2.0Stephan Springer
2019-06-16fixed dependencyStephan Springer
2019-06-16update to version 2.1.21Stephan Springer
2019-05-29update to version 2.1.20Stephan Springer
2019-05-28update to version 2.1.19Stephan Springer
2019-05-22update to version 2.1.18Stephan Springer
2019-05-17update to version 2.1.17Stephan Springer
2019-04-15update to version 2.1.16Stephan Springer
2019-03-21update to version 2.1.15Stephan Springer
2019-02-27update to version 2.1.14Stephan Springer
2019-02-26update to version 2.1.13Stephan Springer
2019-01-25update to 2.1.12Stephan Springer
2018-09-30update to 2.1.11Stephan Springer
2018-09-15update to 2.1.10Stephan Springer
2018-09-10adopt and fix dependenciesStephan Springer
2018-09-07Update to 2.1.9Hyacinthe Cartiaux
2018-06-27Update to 2.1.8Hyacinthe Cartiaux
2018-05-23Update to 2.1.6Hyacinthe Cartiaux
2018-04-19Update to 2.1.5Hyacinthe Cartiaux