AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-05-28update dependencies and requirementsStephan Springer
2022-08-22update source URLStephan Springer
2021-06-16update requirements.txt patchingStephan Springer
2021-04-11fix dependencies and requirementsStephan Springer
2021-04-11add .gitignoreStephan Springer
2020-06-05remove branch restriction and update dependenciesStephan Springer
2018-09-10update .SRCINFOStephan Springer
2018-09-10adopt and fix dependenciesStephan Springer
2018-08-13Updated to 2.1.9Joseph Brains
2018-07-28Change git to pull from 2.1 branchJoseph Brains
2018-06-14Updated to 2.1.8Joseph Brains
2018-06-12Updated to 2.1.7Joseph Brains
2018-05-22Updated to 2.1.6Joseph Brains
2018-04-19Updated to 2.1.5Joseph Brains
2018-03-13Updated to 2.1.4Joseph Brains
2018-01-19Updated to 2.1.3Joseph Brains
2018-01-08Updated to 2.1.2Joseph Brains
2017-12-22Updated to 2.1.1Joseph Brains
2017-11-09Updated to 2.1.0Joseph Brains
2017-11-07Updated to 2.1.0rc4Joseph Brains
2017-10-20Updated to 2.1.0rc3Joseph Brains
2017-10-05Updated to 2.1.0rc2Joseph Brains
2017-09-13Updated to 2.1.0rc1Joseph Brains
2017-09-05Updated to 2.1.0b2Joseph Brains
2017-08-04Updated to 2.1.0b1Joseph Brains
2017-07-31Updated to 2.1.0a2Joseph Brains
2017-07-24Updated to 2.1.0a1Joseph Brains
2017-06-21Initial commit GNS3 2x guiJoseph Brains